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Does a victim bear some responsibility for their victimization?

Dr. Ofar Zur sums it up well: "Do not blame the victim has been translated into do not explore the role of the victim." in Rethinking 'Don't Blame the Victim': The Psychology of Victimhood. 

Questioning the role of a victim in a crime is almost taboo for most in our society, although exploring the topic may prove beneficial in understanding crime and aiding in the prevention. In risk of sounding unjust, my personal opinion leads a little to the left on the fence when faced with such a question, that the victim may hold some responsibility - to an extent.

Obviously this applies to few crimes, and should not be applied to all (such as hate crimes, rape, murders, kidnappings etc.), but those in which are more drug related. If an individual is assaulted or robbed when holding or distributing illicit drugs, then they have previously accepted the possibility of danger entering their lives before getting involved. This also holds true for gang related violence. Both crimes involve catalysts, which gang members and drug dealers fuel.

A more touchier subject would be domestic violence - as the victim puts themselves into situations of abuse, fully knowing that it will arise. This very issue has more of a psychological explanation, stemming from their own psyche, and therefore prove to be a victim of their own mind.

With all of this being said, I believe we must be vigilant about our own safety and not enable someone to victimize us.


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